A Food Lover’s Guide to Istanbul: Indulging in Local Cuisine While on Your Medical Journey


Istanbul, a city where East meets West, is a haven for food lovers seeking to indulge in local cuisine while on their medical journey. With its rich culinary history and diverse array of dishes, Istanbul offers something for every palate. In this food lover’s guide, we’ll explore some of the must-try dishes and eateries in Istanbul that will make your medical journey a truly unforgettable experience.

Start your day with a traditional Turkish breakfast:

No visit to Istanbul is complete without trying a traditional Turkish breakfast. Head to one of the city’s many breakfast spots and enjoy a spread of freshly baked bread, olives, cheese, honey, jam, and the famous Turkish tea. For a more elaborate breakfast, try the menemen (scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers, and onions) or sucuklu yumurta (fried eggs with Turkish sausage).

Indulge in savory street food:

Istanbul’s streets are lined with vendors selling delicious and affordable local snacks. Be sure to try the iconic simit (a sesame-covered bread ring), roasted chestnuts, or the popular dürüm (a wrap filled with grilled meat, vegetables, and sauces).

Savor a taste of history with Ottoman cuisine:

To experience the culinary traditions of the Ottoman Empire, visit one of Istanbul’s fine-dining restaurants specializing in Ottoman cuisine. Delight in dishes such as hünkar beğendi (slow-cooked lamb served on a bed of creamy eggplant purée) or the famous baklava (layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and sweetened with syrup).

Explore the flavors of the Bosphorus:

Istanbul’s location along the Bosphorus Strait provides an abundance of fresh seafood. Be sure to visit a meyhane (traditional Turkish tavern) to enjoy a variety of meze (appetizers) accompanied by the local alcoholic beverage, rakı. For the main course, try the grilled fish, calamari, or a seafood casserole.

Sample the iconic kebabs:

Istanbul’s kebabs are a must-try for any meat lover. From the classic döner kebab (meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie) to the tender şiş kebab (grilled meat on skewers), the city’s kebab scene has something for everyone.

End your meal with a sweet treat:

After a satisfying meal, indulge in some of Istanbul’s famous desserts. Try the künefe (a cheese-filled pastry soaked in syrup) or the creamy rice pudding, sütlaç. And don’t forget to enjoy a cup of strong Turkish coffee to round off your culinary adventure.


Istanbul’s diverse culinary scene offers a unique opportunity to indulge in local cuisine while on your medical journey. From traditional breakfasts and street food to fine-dining experiences and delectable desserts, the city’s food culture is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, be sure to explore and savor the many flavors of Istanbul during your visit.